In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis switches gears and connects with  Atlanta native and fellow podcast host, Chantrice Rachelle, who discusses her upbringing in the Southwest part of the city as well as its rich Black history and culture. 


Chantrice also discuss the inspiration behind her podcast, "The Urban Success" and how she's been able to elevate Black stories using her growing platform. 


About Chantrice:


Chantrice Rachelle is a native of Southwest Atlanta where she grew up in the Oakland City neighborhood.

She is an alumna of Booker T. Washington High School, where the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. also graduated.

She was determined to defy the odds set for people from her neighborhood, so she went on to pursue her post secondary education, obtaining a dual Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management and Management Information Systems (MIS) and later earned her Master of Science in Information Technology.

Chantrice is the producer and host of both The Urban Success and Unapologetically Unfiltered podcasts, she is the founder of Project SWATS, and also a visual artist.

 She is also a  Cybersecurity Program Manager at a Fortune 10 company.


Connect with Chantrice:


Website: www.

Instagram: @itschantrice

Instagram: @theurbansuccess


In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with longtime Detroit Pistons broadcast commentator and Michigan State University basketball legend, Greg Kelser about his upbringing in the city as well as his standout career at Henry Ford High School.


Greg also discusses the time he spent playing alongside Earvin "Magic" Johnson at Michigan State University and the joy they felt capturing the 1979 NCAA Men's Basketball championship.


About Greg:


Gregory  Kelser is a lead broadcast analyst for the Detroit Pistons and has been with the team for more than 30 years.  

As an analyst he has covered over 2,300 basketball games for the Michigan High School Athletic Association, NCAA, WNBA, and the NBA.


He enjoyed an illustrious basketball career at both Henry Ford High School and Michigan State University where he captured the 1979 NCAA Men's Basketball championship playing alongside Earvin "Magic" Johnson. 


In 1979, he was drafted 4th overall by the Detroit Pistons and played in the NBA for five seasons before leaving the game of basketball to become a broadcast commentator and analyst. 


He is a proud graduate of Michigan State University (Bachelor of Science degree- Social Science) and is a member of Michigan Sports Hall of Fame (2006). 


Connect with Greg:




In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with fellow podcast host and Wayne State University graduate, Kanye Gardner about his life as a former student athlete and how he's been able to pay it forward through coaching and mentorship.


Kanye also the inspiration behind his podcast, "The One Big Village" as well as his deep appreciation for Wayne State University.


About Kanye:


Kanye L. Gardner is a forward-thinking and purpose-driven Supply Chain Management and Organizational Development Specialist with 20 years of experience.  

He is also a two-time graduate of Wayne State University where he completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Business Logistics along with his Master's Degree in Business Administration. 


As a former student-athlete,  he played for Wayne State University's football (1997-2001) and was a four year letter recipient. 

He is currently the Director of Continuous Quality Improvement for Office of Assessment, Accreditation & Continuous Quality Improvement  at Wayne State University's School of Medicine. 

Coaching since 2002, Kanye currently serves as a coach at Cass Technical High School.  He is also heavily involved  with  The Network –  a WSU Faculty and Administration led – Student Mentorship Program that supports men of color.

Finally, he volunteers as a member of the Board of Directors for CoachesCare.Coach – 501c – Organization focusing on Coaches, Coaching & Community.


Connect with Kanye:


LinkedIn:     Kayne Gardner 

Instagram:  @theonebigvillage


In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with brand marketer and strategist, Taharqa "Tee" Blue about his roots in the D, the unique meaning behind his name, and the creative influence the city had on his imagination. 


Tee also discusses his dedication to faith and family and how the film Boomerang helped him to envision a career in brand and strategic marketing. 


About Taharqa: 


Taharqa "Tee" Blue was born and raised on Detroit's Eastside and is a graduate both of Oakland University and Specs Howard School of Media Arts. 

For more than  18 years ,he has worked professionally in  the field of branding and marketing and has lent his skills many global brands  including McDonald’s, Corp.

He currently serves as a  partner in a Branding and Digital consultancy - The Kulur Group, as well as a small production group – RosemaryEast.


Now calling Houston TX home, Tee is a husband, father of three and the oldest brother of  Dr. Diarra Blue, star of Animal Planet's The Vet Life and acclaimed TV producer, Nawara Blue.


Connect with Tee: 


Instagram: @teeblue3



On this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with researcher and advocate, Dr. LesLeigh Ford about her experience growing up in the D as well as her non profit policy work in Washington DC. 


LesLeigh also discusses her education background and her aspirations to support communities of color through policy work and commitment to urban mobility. 


About LesLeigh:


LesLeigh Ford is a policy associate in the Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy at the Urban Institute, where she examines philanthropic trends in equitable and participatory grantmaking and racial disparities in economic opportunity.


In addition, she is also a former classroom teacher and program manager at a national education nonprofit. Her current research focuses on advancing equity in nonprofits and philanthropy and dismantling structural racism. 

Ford earned her PhD in sociology from Duke University, a MEd from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a BA in Political Science and English from the University of Michigan. 


Connect with LesLeigh:


Twitter: @lesleigh_ford

LinkedIn: LesLeigh Ford

In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with fitness performance coach and mentor Kamila Zaidieh about her passion for helping others and how life has afforded her the opportunity to take personal and professional risks. 


Kamila also  shares her experience as a former Division I student-athlete and the rise of her company, Compound Training, which helps to enhance athletes' physical and mental performance. 


About Kamila:


Kamila is a Detroit Native and former Division I Student-Athlete. She is a graduate of Florida A&M University where she completed her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and also LSU where she earned her Master's degree in Strategic Communication. 


She currently serves as an assistant track and field coach at Cass Technical High School. She is also a Program Manager at JOURNi, a technology education non-profit organization that is committed to building an authentically inclusive tech ecosystem in Detroit. 


Most of all, she is the creator and founder of Compound Training, a Sports Performance company that is dedicated to developing athletes physically and mentally. 


Connect with Kamila: 


LinkedIn: Kamila Zaidieh

Twitter: @KamilaKingston_

Instagram: @KamilaKingston_


In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with tech entrepreneur Brandon Cooper about his transition to California and the rise of his company Aphid, a financial tech company that is disrupting the 9 to 5 workforce using artificial intelligence. 


Brandon also discusses his former life as a musician as well as his journey into tech which began as teen growing up in Detroit. 


About Brandon:


Brandon Cooper is a serial entrepreneur and businessman.

Born  in Detroit,  Cooper attended Michigan State University where he studied  Marketing and Merchandising Management.

After three years of college, he dropped out and moved to  Atlanta, GA.  Cooper has developed a new obsession for artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and blockchain technology.

He has helped over 20 companies launch from ideation into profitable businesses. Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Cooper is currently the CEO of Aphid, a financial tech company  that is disrupting the 9 to 5 workforce with artificial intelligence.  


Connect with Brandon:


Twitter:       @brandonc00per

Instagram:  @brandonc00per

Facebook:   Brandon Cooper

LinkedIn:      Brandon Cooper



In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with community leader and East Orange, New Jersey councilwoman, Brittany Claybrooks about her journey in public service and her upbringing in the D.


Brittany also discusses her spiritual growth as well as her longstanding bond with Florida A&M classmates, who were also from Detroit.


About Brittany: 


Brittany Claybrooks is an Urban Planning Project Manager and the CouncilWoman Elect for the Second Ward in East Orange, NJ.

She is a recent graduate of New York University she completed received her Master’s Degree in Urban Planning and Development .  She is also a graduate of Florida A&M where  she received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management.

She has devoted her professional career to public service and has worked in a  in various government and public service institutions including the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice; The Florida of Department Health; the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation where she served in the office of Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Young Invincibles – a national nonprofit that advocates on behalf of millennial Americans in the areas of higher education, health, economic development and young parents’ initiatives. 


Brittany, a Detroit native, is passionate about creating greater economic opportunities for residents of inner city and developing communities via comprehensive policy and equitable allocation of public resources.

 She often proclaims “Public service is not what I do. Public service is who I am.”


Connect with Brittany:

Instagram: @_brittanyclaybrooks

Twitter: @Claybrooks_

LinkedIn: Brittany Claybrooks






In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with Detroit ambassador and champion of the Eastside, Jonathan Galloway about his journey into podcasting as well as the ways he's been able to convert his passion into profit.


Jonathan also discusses his evolution as a podcaster and the rise of the Audiowave Network,  podcasting studio and network based in Detroit. 


About Jonathan:

Jonathan "JG" Galloway was raised on the eastside of Detroit and began podcasting in August 2015.  


Building on the wave of the 2015 film, "Straight Outta Compton",  Jonathan and friends launched their first podcast called NWP (Negus With a Podcast) and since its inception it has amassed more than 200 episodes.    


In November 2016, Jonathan created and launched the Audio Wave Network, a podcasting studio and network that aims to showcase Black voices and stories. 


Connect with Jonathan: 



Twitter:  @EverybodyloveJG

Instagram: @everybodylovesjg

Instagram: @audiowavenetwork


In this installment of the Detroit Worldwide Podcast, Marquis connects with rising film producer and director, David Tinsley about the origins of his company, Tin Bridge Productions as well as his career as an engineer. 


David also discusses the release of his latest film, "Project 8" and it means to return to Detroit after a decade-long absence . 


About David: 


David Tinsley was born and raised on the eastside of Detroit, MI in a single parent household. He attended Cass Technical High School and later obtained a minor in Black Theatre and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, 2006).
After graduating from the University of Michigan, he traveled to India for 6 months to train for a Software Engineering position.  
He's worked as an engineer for several companies including Lockheed Martin and NASA. 
He's also participated in several community theatre plays and has produced several short films and web series under the umbrella of TinBridge Productions, which have all premiered at reputable film festivals such as Hollywood Black Film Festival, Pan African Film Festival, and San Francisco Black Film Festival just to name a few.
"Project 8" marks David Tinsley's first project shot in his native city (Detroit) since returning home from Southern California in 2018 to reunite with his family.
David and his college sweetheart (Bridget Tinsley) have been married for 9 years and are the proud parents of Langston (4) and Violet Tinsley (2). 
Connect with David: 
Instagram: @tinbridgefilms
Vimeo: Project 8


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